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Helping families find their pawfect pet.

Paw Finder was set up by Becca Burnton who has had a strong love of animals since she was a small child. Over the years Becca has had many pets, from the more traditional cats, dogs and fish to breeding parrots, a miniature horse, cows and chickens and ducks. 

Becca has written about why she decided to set up Paw Finder in the blog but spurred on by the thought of families being scammed when they were looking for their new pet the idea of Paw Finder was born. 

She is regularly asked by friends and acquaintances to help them find their new pet and so she figured that others must also need that support and expertise. 

We hope that you will find using Paw Finder helpful, do ask if you have any questions. 

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London, England


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